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Dirk De Pauw
Dirk De Pauw
Chief Executive Officer, Founder
He lives to learn and has particular interests in biological systems, informatics and mathematics. He has a degree and PhD in Bioscience Engineering (Ghent University, Belgium) and has been an active programmer since 1990. During his time at the university he wrote numerous modelling and simulation tools for a wide range of biological systems. Through the fruitful collaboration with the Laboratory of Plant Ecology at Ghent University, his interest in plant systems grew steadily. In 2008 he founded Phyto-IT with the goal of bringing quality software solutions to the plant science and horticulture/agriculture communities.
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Selected papers
  • Steppe K., De Pauw D.J.W., Doody T.M. and Teskey R.O. (2010). A comparison of sap flux density using thermal dissipation, heat pulse velocity and heat field deformation methods. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 150(7-8), 1046-1056.
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