PhytoSim Data I/O
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PhytoSimData User Guide

The Data I/O module serves as the central location for data exchange between PhytoSim and the "outside world". Any external data that is loaded in the Data I/O module becomes available for use in other PhytoSim modules. Data that is generated by PhytoSim modules is usually visualized within the module but is also available for data output in the Data I/O module. The Data I/O module also allows to quickly inspect incoming and outgoing data in tabular or graphical form.

Why you will like this module:

  • Central data location: Manage all your inputs and outputs from one location.
  • Quickly visualize data: Have a quick look at the data before you start using it.
  • Large file support: Import data files with 100000+ lines for which even Excel cannot show you a graph.
  • Embed data directly in the workspace: Enter manually, copy-and-past or drag-and-drop selected data from text files or Excel.
  • Automatic column title and unit extraction: Why type your column titles and units again when they can be extracted from the input.

More details in the Data I/O User Guide.

Data input

Any data that is to be used as input in one of the PhytoSim modules needs to be loaded in the Data I/O module. Currently only data from text files is supported.

PhytoSim Data I/O file input

Data output

Any data that is generated by other PhytoSim modules can be written to an output in the Data I/O module. Currently only output text files are supported.

PhytoSim Data I/O file output

Quick view

The Quick view graph enables quick inspection of data from inputs and outputs. Once the Quick view graph is switched on, the graph will show the data of the selected data columns.

PhytoSim Data I/O quick view
    Would you like to use another data input source or output target?

    Contact and, if possible, we will be happy to add support for it.