PhytoSim Frequently Asked Questions

Licensing questions:

Trial account questions:

Licensing answers:

    Can I share a PhytoSim license between multiple people?

      No, each PhytoSim license is always associated with one user. However, it is allowed to transfer the license to a new user once a year. Contact if you would like to do this.

    Can I install PhytoSim on multiple computers?

      Yes, you can. You can install PhytoSim on as many computers you want. However, only one instance of PhytoSim can be active at the same time.

    Does my PhytoSim license cover both the Windows and Mac versions?

      Yes, it does. Both the Windows and the Mac version can be used by one PhytoSim license.

    Does the PhytoSim support contract cover all PhytoSim modules?

      Yes, it does. A support contract entitles you to receive email support and updates for all your paid modules. The more modules you have, the more benefit you will get out of your support contract.

    Can I get a discount if my organisation purchases multiple licenses?

      Yes, starting from 5 licenses, a significant discount (depending on the number of licenses) is possible. Contact for more information.

    I'm a MSc student. Can I get a discount?

      Yes, you can get a 50% discount if you meet certain criteria: (1) your supervisor should confirm that you are a MSc student, (2) you should be listed on the website of your institution as a MSc student and (3) Phyto-IT would like to know your research topic and receive a copy of your dissertation (once it is written). Contact for more information.

Trial account answers:

    How long is the trial period?

      The standard trial period for any paid module is 30-days. For modules depending on other modules, the trial period may be limited by the trial periods of the depending modules.

    My trial has expired, can it be extended?

      Yes, trial periods can be extended. Contact if you want to continue evaluating the software.