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Just released: PhytoSim Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis v1.0

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

After a few months of beta, today the PhytoSim Uncertainty Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis reached their first stable version (v1.0). As of this release, both modules are no longer free to use, but as always, a 30-day free trial is available for both of them.

Compared to the beta version, only minor changes were made to the Uncertainty Analysis module. However, the new Sensitivity Analysis module does come with a few important new features:

  • Visualisation of the simulation results used for the sensitivity calculations. Access through the ‘More Graphs’ toolbar button.
  • Visualisation of the absolute sensitivities for each source and target component combination. Access through the ‘More Graphs’ toolbar button.
  • The progress bar now also shows the identifiability analysis progress.
  • The identifiability analysis is stopped once a subset size is found for which all subsets are unidentifiable. This greatly reduces the calculation time when a large number of model parameters and/or initial conditions are used in the analysis.

More details about each of the modules (pricing, change log, user guide) can be found on the PhytoSimUncertainty and PhytoSimSensitivity webpages.

To start using the new versions: launch PhytoSim, select the Module Manager and upgrade to the new module versions.

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