Updated PhytoSim calibration module available (v1.2.1)

An update of the PhytoSim calibration module is available (v1.2.1). This release fixes a bug on Windows that caused the application to become unresponsive when plotting a large number of infinite objective values on the “Objective Value vs. Evaluation Number” graph.

The calibration objective is given an infinite value when the optimizer tries to run a model evaluation (simulation) with optimizer variable values on or outside the allowed bounds. These values are plotted on the objective graph as vertical lines (see screenshot). It is normal that the optimizer occasionally ventures close to, or over the bounds. However, if the optimizer repeatedly tries to run evaluations with “illegal” optimizer variable values, it might be an indication  that the optimum is located outside the optimizer variable bounds. If that is the case, the bounds of the optimizer variables which are causing the problem should be relaxed, always keeping in mind that they should still make physical sense.

To install the new module start PhytoSim, head to the Module Manager and update the calibration module.

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