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PhytoSim v1.3 Released [UPDATED]

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Version 1.3 of PhytoSim has been released. This release comes with updates for all modules: Data I/O, Modelling, Simulation, Calibration, Sensitivity and Uncertainty.

Download it here (WARNING: Mac OS X Snow Leopard is no longer supported). Install the new version and update the modules in the Module Manager.

[UPDATE] If you are experiencing problems updating the Simulation module, delete the PhytoSimSimulation folder in: “My Documents/PhytoSim/Modules” and continue updating the other modules.

For this occasion, all trial accounts have been reset enabling everyone to try out the new release.

Key new features:

  • User Guide search (Help > User Guide; search field is located at the top).
  • The current workspace can now be closed (File > Close).
  • Data I/O
    • Titles and units of input columns can now also be edited by clicking a settings button in the header of a selected input column.
  • Modelling:
    • Added support for unit substances, e.g. cm^3[H2O].g^-1[leaf].
    • New modelCarbohydrateSupplyDemand, carbohydrate supply and demand model for vegetative growth, Gent and Seginer (2012).
    • New functionvalueat( variable, at ), returns the value of a variable at any past time.
    • New functionaverage( variable, from, to ), returns the average of a variable between two points in time.
    • New functionintegral( variable, from, to ), returns the integral of a variable between two points in time.
    • New functionuniform( minimum, maximum ), returns a uniformly distributed random number.
    • New functiontriangular( minimum, mode, maximum ), returns a triangularly distributed random number.
    • New functionnormal( mean, stddev ), returns a normally distributed random number.
    • New functionpoisson( mean ), returns a poisson distributed random number.
    • Parentheses matching in the model editor.
    • Units in equations are no longer automatically converted: stricter but less confusing! As a consequence, unit conversion warnings no longer show up. WARNING: If you relied on automatic unit conversions in your models, they will not be valid anymore. Inserting the proper unit conversion factors will fix this.
  • Simulation:
    • New solver: CVODE stiff/non-stiff differential equation solver (Settings > Solver).
    • New exampleStiff, shows off the benefits of the CVODE solver for stiff differential equations (in Examples/PhytoSimSimulation/Misc).
    • New exampleCarbohydrateSupplyDemand, simulation example for the new CarbohydrateSupplyDemand model (in Examples/PhytoSimSimulation/Plant Physiology).
    • New exampleRandom, illustrates the random number generation functions (in Examples/PhytoSimSimulation/Misc).
    • New exampleExpDecay, illustrates the valueat, average and integral functions (in Examples/PhytoSimSimulation/Misc).
    • Option to turn off curve painting optimization (Graph Settings > Curves). Only needed in some rare cases.
    • A warning is given when no plot interval (Settings > Graphs) is set: protects against too many curve points.
  • Calibration:
    • New global optimizerShuffled Complex Evolution.
    • New global optimizerSimulated Annealing.
    • New global optimizerRandom Search.
    • New exampleSixHumpCamelBack, global optimizer test function (in Examples/PhytoSimCalibration/SixHumpCamelBack).
  • Uncertainty:
    • New uncertainty distribution type: normal distribution.
  • Sensitivity:
    • Data variables can now also be used as source components (like parameters and initial values of derived variables).
    • Setting to turn off numerical error checking (workspace specific).
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