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PhytoSim 2.0 Released

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Version 2.0 of PhytoSim has been released. Download it here.

These are the new features/changes and fixes:


  • CHANGED: Simplified Module Manager, all modules are now built-in (faster startup, no additional downloads required).
  • CHANGED: New PhytoSim software update mechanism.
  • CHANGED: The Help > Support dialog has been removed. Contact for support related questions.
  • CHANGED: Support for multiple simultaneously running PhytoSim instances per account (default is still 1 instance).
  • FIXED: Mac OS X Snow Leopard is supported again.
  • FIXED: Bug for workspaces within a folder structure with folder names containing special characters.

 Data I/O Module:

  • NEW: Embedded data input type. Embed data directly in the workspace: enter manually, copy-and-past or drag-and-drop selected data from text files or Excel).

 Modelling Module:

  • NEW: Fractional units, e.g. cm^3/2.
  • NEW: New unit ‘#’, representing a count or a number of items. E.g. 20 #[plants].m^-2[ground].
  • NEW: New crop model: SUCROS1 (Simple and Universal CROp growth Simulator).
  • CHANGED: The valueat( x, at ) function for data variables now uses the data variable independent variable for the ‘at’ argument instead of the model independent variable.
  • FIXED: Sort order violation for algebraicVariable = previous( algebraicVariable ) or valueat( algebraicVariable, t ).

 Simulation Module:

  • NEW: Graph curves can be put on the second Y-axis.
  • NEW: Logarithmic scales on the Y-axes.
  • NEW: SUCROS1 crop model example showing embedded data inputs and advanced use of the valueat() function.
  • FIXED: Scroll wheel zooming no longer zooms out beyond the graph data.
  • FIXED: Potential crash when zooming in on graphs.

 Calibration Module:

  • CHANGED: Faster calibration when the simulation period is only a small part of the available data period.
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Phyto-IT @ the 9th International Workshop on Sap Flow

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Phyto-IT demonstrated its products (Sap Flow Tool, PhytoSim, …) at the 9th International Workshop on Sap Flow (June 4-7 2013, Ghent, Belgium).

The main topic at the conference were:

  • Measurement methodologies
  • New insights in hydraulic plant functioning
    (drought stress, water (uptake) pathways, climate change)
  • Limitations in the hydraulic pathway (cavitation)
  • Modelling water transport (xylem, phloem)
  • Irrigation and other practical applications

Phyto-IT @ the 9th International Workshop on Sap Flow

The Phyto-IT booth.

Phyto-IT @ the 9th International Workshop on Sap Flow

Talking about our technology.

Thanks to all the participants who came by our booth!

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Sap Flow Tool 1.4 Released

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Sap Flow Tool 1.4 has been released. The new version can be downloaded here (free 30-day trial available).

New features:

  • Online authentication system, no need for USB dongles as long as you are online.
  • Free 30-day trial of the full version.
  • New ‘Check for updates’ system with built-in download and install.
  • Windows 8 compatibility.

Note: Existing customers should also create an account which will then be switched to the full version of Sap Flow Tool.

Overview video:

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