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PhytoSim 2.1 released

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

PhytoSim 2.1 has been released. Just in time for the Christmas holidays. All trials have been reset, so everyone who previously created an account can try out this version as well (first download the new version).

Install it using the internal PhytoSim updater or download it from the PhytoSim download page.

This version includes some great new features:

  • Simulation module:
    • Ability to choose the display time unit
  • Calibration module:
    • Moving window calibration: Automatically fit a model to parts of the data using a moving window approach resulting in calibrated values for each time window.
    • Ability to enable/disable optimizer and/or objective variables
  • Sensitivity analysis module:
    • Morris screening global sensitivity analysis: This method is a well known global sensitivity analysis screening technique which is able to detect, using a limited number of model simulations, which model components have (a) linear and additive or (b) non-linear and interaction effects.
    • Extended FAST global sensitivity analysis: The Extended Fourier Amplitude Sensitivity Test is a variance based global sensitivity analysis technique. By decomposing the model output variance, this method is able to calculate first order sensitivity indices and total sensitivity indices. The total sensitivity indices, as the name suggests, quantify the total sensitivity of a model component, including the interactions with other components.
    • Ability to enable/disable source and/or target components
  • Uncertainty module:
    • Ability to enable/disable source and/or target components

Some things have been changed as well:

  • Calibration module: calibration data is only shown between start and stop time

Finally, many bugs were fixed. Some of them are:

  • Data I/O module: problem importing data files with old-style Mac file endings
  • Simulation module: curve legend item not visible when dragging a model component on the graph
  • Simulation module: unable to edit x-axis minimum when autoscaling is turned off
  • Uncertainty module: progress bar does not reset when starting a new analysis

Happy simulating!

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Smart Farming and PhytoSense at Agribex 2015

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

TvBrussel report about smart farming and PhytoSense at Agribex 2015 (starts around 1:35)

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PhytoSense @ Agribex 2015

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

Kanaal Z reports about our PhytoSense product @ Agribex 2015 (starts around 0:55)

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